“I coach highly sensitive academics to help achieve professional and personal goals”

Marlies Zonderland-Thomassen
Psychodynamic coach

Have you reached a point in life that you are ready to make a change and take action?

  • Do you want to experience your highly sensitivity trait as a talent instead as a burden?

  • Are you a PhD candidate/academic who could use extra support?

  • Do you lack self-confidence?

  • Can’t you do things halfway and do you have a hard time delegating tasks?

  • Would you like more peace of mind?

  • Would you like to regain your energetic self?

Your story and your problem are unique. Everyone walks a different life path. I would like to briefly join you on your path and provide you the support which you need to develop your inner strength that you need right now; together we will discover your inner strength, your koru.

At Cunera Coaching you will develop self-reflection and you will learn what you can do to change your situation. When you feel better, other aspects in your life will flourish as well.

koru coaching rhenen

Koru means ‘loop’ according to the Māori people, the original inhabitants of New Zealand. It stands for a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes strength, inner peace, growth and new life.

I found having Marlies as my supervisor very valuable. She easily puts you at ease and has good listening skills. She also supports getting clear which direction you want to go. I also got inspired by her to get the most out of myself.


During the coaching sessions with Marlies I gained insight in how I can put myself first when making choices. Marlies knows how to get to the bottom of a problem through her perseverance. The in-depth questions she asked and the exercises I did, were enlightening.

I experienced a burnout. Cunera Coaching helped me to regain my energy and get insight into the causes of my burnout and how to better deal with that.

I was dealing with a lot of stress in my PhD. The coaching sessions with Marlies helped me to make some significant changes in my daily life to find a better work/private life balance and be more productive at work. I am overall more positive and happy in my daily life.


When I first came to Marlies, I felt very out of control in my PhD project. Several months and coaching sessions later, I really do feel like a leader, able to clearly formulate and communicate my goals with my supervisors.


Cunera of Rhenen (died in the year 340) is the patron of the city Rhenen (situated in the province Utrecht).The legend goes that Cunera, princess of York, was saved by the Friesian king Radboud. He took her to his castle in Rhenen. Radboud’s wife, Aldegonde, strangled her out of jealousy. As by a miracle this crime was discovered and Radboud converted to Christianity. A lively pilgrimage started and Cunera became the patron of Rhenen.