It is 2005. Together with my ex-boyfriend I am looking for clovers with four leaves, the so-called ‘clover 4’ in the paddock near the Rijn river. We are glad when we find one. We are young and healthy with our whole life ahead of us. I can’t remember if I felt really happy when finding the clover 4. One year later our world turns upside down and I find myself at the emergency department of the hospital. With my 27 years, I get a huge responsibility and feel like an adult at once. I take the role as sole carer at me. Fortunately my ex-boyfriend’s revalidation period is short, due to his perseverance and positive mindset. During the years that follow, I learn that happiness is not in finding a clover 4. To me, it is a moment, when all pieces fall together and I get a warm feeling in my stomach. I still keep dried clover 4’s in a booklet, a nice souvenir. I am still learning to not look backwards too much. You make choices in life based on a feeling and information which you have at that moment.And happiness has a different meaning to everyone.

Do you know what happiness means to you?

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