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HSP coachcoach boerderij koeien

Since September 2021 onwards I use coach cow Luna during the coaching sessions on my HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) coaching farm in Wapenveld. She is a highly sensitive animal and is a Holstein Friesian/Belgian Blue crossbred. I use certain exercises that align to your personal coaching goal. For example, Luna can help you to feel grounded, so you learn how to stay in your own energy. Also, she will reflect you, for example by mirroring how you make connection, which will give you valuable insights. Everything will happen in your own pace, which you feel comfortable with.

The relationship between animals and humans is an interesting one. As a child I always felt more connected with animals than humans. Looking backwards most likely due to my highly sensitivity trait. While working as a volunteer on green care farms I noticed the calming effect of animals on autistic children and adults with mental health problems. I experienced how valuable it is to involve animals in the coaching by organising ‘Live your ikigai’ workshops with horse coach Klaske van der Horst. I have always felt a special connection with cows and therefore, I kept three belted-galloway cows on our lifestyle block in New Zealand.

koru coaching rhenen

Koru means ‘loop’ according to the Māori people, the original inhabitants of New Zealand. It stands for a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes strength, inner peace, growth and new life.