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PhD research; moving forward from a PhD relapse

As a PhD student you have to have multiple skills and competences and balance so many things. Most PhD students will experience periods of stress. When the stress period becomes too long, extra support can be very helpful. Cunera Coaching offers tailor-made support to get you back on track. Cunera Coaching will help you to get to the bottom of your problem, and you will learn what you can do to improve your situation. A couple of examples: your communication with your (co-)promotor will improve, your delay of certain tasks will be tackled, you will learn how to make choices and deal with your perfectionism, your fear for presenting research in front of an audience will reduce.

Motherhood: back in balance

Nothing will be the same again after having a baby, as you have to care for another human-being. It is said that raising a child is the biggest responsible task in life. Your energy balance can become disturbed because of broken nights with a baby, a toddler in its terrible two’s, school issues or difficult teenage behaviour. Besides that, your child’s behaviour can trigger you on an emotional level, which can cause loss of energy. Cunera Coaching will help you to get insight into behavioural patterns, and will help you to get back in balance.

Recovery of a burnout

You lack energy, and you are very very tired. After you have been diagnosed with a burnout, an integral approach is important to completely recover from a burnout. At first, the focus will be on regaining your energy level,  prior to working on insights what caused the burnout and self-development to prevent a relapse. A daily routine will be made in which relaxation and efforts will be alternated. Besides that, focus will be on a recovery of contact with your body,  to signal stress earlier. Another important factor to recover is support from your surroundings. Personal convincements will be unlayered and ‘red flags’ will be identified to minimalize the chance of a relapse.

High workload

Is your work pushing your boundaries? Has your workload increased after another redundancy round? Do you get a non-response when you indicate your high workload to your manager? Cunera Coaching will help you to get insight how you can act to improve your situation. Your own behaviour will be examined and you will learn how to put yourself first when making choices.

Put yourself first

Do you often put others first instead of yourself? Is this unsatisfying and does it lead to frustration in the end of the day? Before you know it, you have agreed to something while your inner voice says: don’t do it. Cunera Coaching helps you to get insight in what stops you from putting yourself first. It will also help to counteract your critical inner voice and to learn how to change by taking steps. Your self-esteem will grow as well as your self-confidence.

High-sensitivity: from burden to strength

Are you a sensitive person who senses the atmosphere, and has an eye for relations and processes? Do you often know unconsciously what the issue is, while others haven’t noticed? Big chance you are a high-sensitive person (HSP). Unfortunately an abundance of stimulants can get you more easily out of balance. At Cunera Coaching you will learn different ways to deal with your high-sensitivity so that it will become a strength instead of a burden.

koru coaching rhenen

Koru means ‘loop’ according to the Māori people, the original inhabitants of New Zealand. It stands for a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes strength, inner peace, growth and new life.