Everyone is welcome

15 December 2021|

Everyone is welcome. I only ask to make a new appointment when having corona-like symptoms. Thanks for your collaboration.

Highly sensitivity expert

17 May 2021|

Hooray, I finished the HSP expert degree successfully! Something to celebrate. I now have even more tools to support coachees with this special personality trait. Also, I will start to work as a UWV Werkfit [...]

HSP walking sessions @Grebbeberg

2 March 2021|

In the week of the HSP 2020 I started organising walking sessions for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) on the Grebbeberg, Rhenen. It turnt out to be a success! The participants found sharing their experiences very [...]

High-sensitivity-Facts and Handles

2 January 2021|

Read my Guestblog if you want to know more about high sensitivity in the context of doing a PhD. It includes a link to a HSP test. You can find the blog here:

‘Live your Life’- workshop

17 January 2020|

Cunera Coaching organised together with horsecoach Klaske van der Horst (from KLAScoach) two ‘Live your Live’ workshops (22nd June and 23rd of August) around the Japanese concept for happiness ‘Ikigai’. The participants actively engaged to [...]