HSP Coaching farm

HSP coach

Imagine yourself in an oasis of tranquility at this HSP coaching farm in Wapenveld (just below the city Zwolle). Under Marlies her supervision with animals as mirrors you will reach your goals step by step. One upon arrival you will leave your worries behind. At this piece of land which covers almost 4 acres with gorgeous gardens, ponds with a waterfall, a paddock with ponies and sheep, and even a small forest you will ground and make honest steps towards your personal development.

Marlies will make use of all nature elements during the coaching to align yourself with your inner strength. Horse coaching exercises will be used with ponies Casper and Olga either while walking in the forest or in the paddock. In an intuitive and reflective way you will get new insights and you will return home feeling grounded and with peace of mind. Does this appeal to you? Contact me for an intake.