Coaching for individuals

I am a professional psychodynamic coach for (highly sensitive) individuals (mothers, academics) and PhD- students, to help achieve personal and professional goals.

PhD research; moving forward from a PhD relapse

As a PhD student you have to have multiple skills and competences and balance so many things. Most PhD students will experience periods of stress. When the stress period becomes too long, extra support can be very helpful. Cunera Coaching offers tailor-made support to get you back on track. Cunera Coaching will help you to get to the bottom of your problem, and you will learn what you can do to improve your situation. A couple of examples: your communication with your (co-)promotor will improve, your delay of certain tasks will be tackled, you will learn how to make choices and deal with your perfectionism, your fear for presenting research in front of an audience will reduce.

Put yourself first

Do you often put others first instead of yourself? Is this unsatisfying and does it lead to frustration in the end of the day? Before you know it, you have agreed to something while your inner voice says: don’t do it. Cunera Coaching helps you to get insight in what stops you from putting yourself first. It will also help to counteract your critical inner voice and to learn how to change by taking steps. Your self-esteem will grow as well as your self-confidence.

High-sensitivity: from burden to strength

Are you a sensitive person who senses the atmosphere, and has an eye for relations and processes? Do you often know unconsciously what the issue is, while others haven’t noticed? High chance you are a high-sensitive person (HSP). Unfortunately an abundance of stimulants can get you more easily out of balance, and in contrary also a lack of stimulants can cause the feeling of bering bored. At Cunera Coaching you will learn different ways to deal with your high-sensitivity so that it will become a strength instead of a burden. Also, some clients recognize being highly intelligent/gifted. Being highly intelligent also comes along with certain challenges, such as being an intuitive fast thinker, how do you take your colleagues along in communication? Coaching can support in how to deal with being highly intelligent in a world in which 98% of the persons is not.

What do I have to offer?

The first step is to do an intake session whereafter an individual tailor-made coaching programme will be made. An individual coaching programme will last between 5-10 sessions on average. You can choose one of the following services:

  • Intake-session 1 hour €45 * During the intake session, your issue will be investigated and we will explore the presence of a mutual confidence to start a tailor-made coaching programme. By means of an exercise you will formulate coaching goal (-s) which you will be working on in the individual coaching programme. Clients informed me that an intake session already supports them a lot.
  • Individual coaching session (1-1.5 h) €85 * An effective coaching session will provide you insights in what the causes are you ended up in the situation which you want to change, and where you want to be heading to. Appropriate coaching methods will be used, which will support you in reaching your goal, also on an subconscious level.

* Business rates apply for companies